The World's First Business Signature Line app for Text Messaging.

MySigLine is the world's first mobile app that lets you add a customized business signature line to any text message with two quick taps on your messaging keyboard.

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SMS Signatures Done Right.

No more typing out your name, company name, phone, email, etc at the end of a text message.


The signature line you create with MySigLine is fully customizable. Add your name, company name, phone, address and more. Include any details or info you like.

Web Linking

You can include a unique link to the web page of your choice. Perhaps your Reviews page, a product page, or an opt-in page for a discount coupon or other incentive.


Emoji Capability

You can drop in an emoji that might fit your business type. Like a house for a Realtor or an exercise emoji for a personal fitness business.


Built to allow you to have multiple signature lines for different scenarios. Maybe one for existing clients and one or more for prospects..

Share MySigLine with your business associates, co-workers, family and friends.

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MySigLine was made for you..

Take your business texting to the next level by adding a professional, fully customizable signature line.

Your clients and prospects will love it and you will love the time your MySigLine app saves you.


Download it today For IOS & Android

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MySigLine is growing and changing to serve you better, so stay informed.
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